90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

SN 3 | EP 12 | Tell All (Part 2) & Will Nicole & Azan Say I Do?

In Part 2 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? The Couples Tell All, the explosive confrontation between Jorge, Anfisa, Russ, and Pao continues and leads to Russ and Pao storming off the stage. Russ and Pao return to set just in time for Shaun to ask Anfisa if she is in fact the girl in the webcam girl video circulating on the Internet. Jorge and Anfisa deny it, but David and Annie explain that they've seen the videos and believe the girl looks a lot like Anfisa. Shaun asks Jorge about his recent arrest. Jorge declines to comment but David doesn't hold back, saying he thought that maybe Anfisa had snitched on Jorge to get back at him. Chantel and Pedro take the hot seat while the rest of the cast watches backstage. Shaun blindsides the couple by video chatting in Chantel's parents and Pedro immediately storms off stage. Chantel convinces Pedro to come back to set. When they return, things heat up as Chantel and her parents explain that they feel that Pedro was the aggressor in the fight. The rest of the cast return to set and weighs in on the fight. Pao feels that Chantel's brother started the fight, a defensive Chantel stands by her family. Shaun asks Russ and Pao about an intimate moment from the season, where Pao reveals to Russ that she feels he emotionally abandoned her during her miscarriage. Reliving this moment brings Pao to tears and Russ tries to apologize. During the break, a devastated Pao walks off set and when Russ comes to check in on her, the fight escalates leaving both of them feeling misunderstood. Shaun switches the focus to David and Annie, by asking Annie if she plans to move back to Thailand. The cast is shocked when Annie responds that yes, she will be going back, with or without David. She has given David 90 days to change. After the Couples Tell All, we catch up with Nicole and Azan as they plan the final preparations for their wedding. They go to the venue and try food samples from the caterer. They love the space and everything is delicious, but after having to reschedule their wedding, Azan's family lost a lot of money so this time Nicole and Azan are footing the bill themselves. When Azan hears what it will cost, he is shocked. He had no idea how expensive weddings were. Next, they visit the dress shop where Nicole's dresses are being made and the dressmaker shows them the extravagant accessories that accompany them. Nicole is thrilled, but Azan is starting to worry that this wedding is way more than he bargained for. Eight days before the wedding, Nicole and Azan disappear. Eventually, Nicole reaches out to the production crew to notify them that they have cancelled the wedding because they can't afford it. Nicole tells her mom that the wedding is cancelled again and Robbalee insists on going back to Morocco to get to the bottom of things. Robbalee arrives to Morocco and after much prodding, Nicole discloses that she and Azan don't want to spend the money on a wedding and have decided to invest in opening a makeup and beauty store instead. Robbalee is confused and determined to talk to Azan to find out what's really going on. When Robbalee meets with Azan, she asks him to take her to see this store but he refuses. When she asks for pictures he's says they've been deleted from his phone, leaving Robbalee to worry that Nicole is being scammed by Azan. Robbalee tries to reason with her daughter but Nicole isn't hearing it. Later, Nicole asks Azan whether or not they can at least get married legally, without the big wedding, but he says no. Azan explains that it will take some time to get legally married and her tourist Visa expires in two weeks so she will need to go home. We learn that Nicole did return home two weeks later and is hoping to return to Morocco soon. We also find out that the makeup store has not opened yet.

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90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?
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