My 600-Lb. Life

SN 8 | EP 4 | J.T.'s Story

J.T. Clark is almost 900 lbs with a lymphedema mass on his leg that weighs over 100 lbs by itself, and despite how hard this makes it for J.T. to walk anymore, there's nothing he can do to slow down his eating habit, because food means too much to him; it is his whole purpose in life. Knowing he needs help before he eats himself to death, J.T. travels with his girlfriend, Jessica, from Oklahoma to see Dr. Now, but the strain of travel takes a toll on his body, and he is forced to stay in the hospital in Houston to get better, where Dr. Now puts him on a controlled diet. But without the foods J.T. likes to eat, his behavior becomes truculent and angry, and his unhappy behavior taxes his relationship with Jessica to the breaking point, until she gives up and decides to head home without him, leaving him stranded by himself in Dr. Now's care, without neither a place to live, nor a loved one to care for him. Now battling a deep depression, J.T. must find the will to keep on living and accept Dr. Now's care before his weight becomes too much for his body to bear.

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My 600-Lb. Life
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