SN 2 | EP 11 | The Condoms Mom Gave Us

Chloe is 41 weeks pregnant and she's finally scheduled to be induced. Unfortunately, her excitement for the day is short lived because tension between her family and Max are at an all time high. Chloe and Max are upset because Jessica came in her room yelling at them about who would be driving Chloe to the hospital. Chloe doesn't understand why there is an issue because she doesn't care who drives her. In Ohio, Shelly and Cindy meet up for drinks to discuss everything that's going on with Mckayla and Caelan. Shelly is worried that Cindy felt excluded at the wedding dress shop since Shannon was the one helping McKayla. Cindy says she was just happy to see Shannon being a mother to McKayla. She and Shelly discuss Shannon's ability to be around and be a consistent mother. The conversation turns to the wedding plans and both women agree that the wedding is happening too quickly, that in a year from now if McKayla and Caelan still want to get married they could plan a proper wedding. In Monticello, Lexus decides to meet up with Lilly and her girlfriend Ashley. Things are awkward but Lexus breaks the ice by apologizing to Ashley for having a relationship with Lilly behind her back. They go on to discuss Lexus's relationship with Shayden, and how they believe that he's a terrible person. The question of Lexus sexuality comes into play when both Lilly and Ashley feel that Lexus is gay, and shouldn't be with a man. In Indiana, Tylor and Laura visit Tylor's mom Christina. They arrive to a full house because Tylor has 11 siblings. Laura really like Tylor's mom because she been very supportive of the couple. In Oklahoma, Krista stops by Emiley's house to drop off a brown bag full a of condoms. Prom is coming up and she doesn't want anymore grand-babies. Diego says he's not going to use them anyway. Back in Monticello, Lexus is conflicted after her meet up with Lily and talks to her mom about how it made her feel to see Lily again and the conversation they had. Lexus questions if she's happy with Shayden and if they should stay together, even if just for Scarlett. In Ohio, McKayla joins her grandparents, mother, aunt, and Shelly to go over details for her wedding! While the majority of the attendees think that McKayla is rushing into a marriage, they are all aware of McKayla's impulsive decisions and go with it rather than try to fight it. McKayla talks through the grand wedding that she would want if she got married in Salem but would much prefer a beach wedding with just a small family contingent, which is what everyone ultimately agrees on Back in Indiana, It's Laura's 18th birthday and the entire family is going out to celebrate. Anna is butt hurt because again the focus is on Laura. Tylor surprises Laura with a promise ring and jokes with Pat that he'll ask permission before proposing! Back in Oklahoma, Krista and Aria join Emiley to get try out on her Prom dress that she had to get alterations for. Her body hasn't completely snapped back since giving birth a month ago. Krista is excited to be there to support Emiley. Emiley feel that she can be a normal teenager girl around Krista and she feels that her mom Bridget might be jealous of her relationship with Krista. Back in Arizona, Jessica is doing all she can to keep Chloe comfortable rubbing her stomach and being supportive. Max is sleeping/on his phone on the couch seemingly unphased by what Chloe is going through. Almost eight hours later, she begins to push...and she is in terrible pain.

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