Born Schizophrenic

SN 1 | EP 1 | Born Schizophrenic: Jani & Bodhi's Journey

Born Schizophrenic: Jani & Bodhi's Journey follows the continuing story of the Schofield family as they work through new triumphs and heartbreaks raising their two severely mentally ill children. Diagnosed with schizophrenia since she was 6, Jani is facing new challenges as she fast approaches puberty. She is making new friends, going to school, and taking an interest in boys, while doing a better job keeping her hallucinations at bay. And at this point, the Schofield's gamble of keeping Jani at home instead of allowing her to be institutionalized appears to be paying off. But all eyes are now on younger brother Bodhi, as his own struggles with mental illness have landed him in the hospital on several occasions. What's more, he's now exhibiting many of the same behaviors that Jani did when she was his age. But unlike Jani, Bodhi's outbursts are becoming dangerously self-injurious, and keeping him safe is a constant struggle for parents Michael and Susan. Already diagnosed as having autism, the Schofield's are certain that there is something more serious going on with Bodhi. As they work with doctors and therapists searching for answers, their deepest fears appear to be coming true. Might Bodhi be schizophrenic too? How will the Schofield family be able to cope with having two schizophrenic children at home?

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Born Schizophrenic
Season 1