SN 2 | EP 8 | Gina & Sean

A veteran meth user, Gina abandoned her two young children for a life of drugs. Now 35 and married to Sean, 27, Gina does the "woman's work" of keeping their tent clean and preparing jailhouse spread: instant noodles with nacho cheese and salsa. During the day, she panhandles for money to support her habit. Sean's introduced her to heroin, and shoots it into her neck himself; he never taught her how to shoot up, so for her fix, she always comes to "Daddy." Gina hates that Sean chokes her when he gets mad but she still loves him. Sean's biggest fear is going into withdrawal: he'd rather kill himself than run out of heroin. So his life is a constant cycle of panhandling and drug deals, so he can shoot up every eight hours. His addiction is so advanced, using for him is just a way to get well; the high is fleeting at best. Sean can't afford to take any days off, so whenever Gina feels too sick to panhandle, he berates her ruthlessly. Living in a tent and going on perilous drug runs only exacerbates Sean's paranoia: he carries a sizable knife on him at all times. And when his dealer stands him up, Sean goes ballistic and unleashes his anger on Gina. Kicking their addiction to heroin is a harrowing process but Kristina knows that if this couple can't break their co-dependency, they'll descend together back into their addiction and this time, no one will save them.

Available: Discovery Life GO

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