The Invisible Man

SN 2 | EP 1 | Legends

The Agency is now under the auspices of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, losing their support from Fish & Game. Darien, Hobbes, and the Keeper are sent to investigate the brutal deaths of several Indians. They turn up large primate footprints which lead them to think that Bigfoot might be involved. Meanwhile, a mysterious woodsman with IR goggles is taking potshots at them, and they seemed to be stalked by an invisible predator. It turns out that Darien's gland was apparently based on the gland of a sasquatch. The creature thinks Darien is one of its kind, and wants him for mating purposes. The woodsman, a discredited cryptozoologist, is trying to kill the creature for revenge against another of its kind killing his family. The woodsman tries to use Darien as bait, and in the end blows himself and the creature up. The Official disavows any connection between Bigfoot and the gland-research project, but Darien knows better. Meanwhile, the creature in the woods is revealed to be still at lar

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The Invisible Man
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