Blast of Tempest

SN 1 | EP 24 | To Each, Their Own Tale

Despite being shot in the arm, Yoshino, together with Mahiro and the others, manage to draw away the naval fleet and allow Megumu to face the Tree of Genesis with no distractions. When Megumu is about to be defeated, the Tree of Exodus transforms itself into a giant sword, which he uses to destroy the Tree of Genesis for good. One month after the trees disappeared, Takumi provides assistance to the now powerless Kusaribe Clan. Megumu finds the courage to reconcile with his girlfriend and they start dating again. Mahiro and Yoshino learn the contents of Aika's final message, in which she thanks the two for everything they done to her and asks them to move on with their lives. While Mahiro starts dating a girl he saved from the Iron Syndrome, Hakaze leaves the Kusaribe village to reunite with Yoshino.

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Blast of Tempest
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Season 1