Vipo: Adventures of the Flying Dog

SN 1 | EP 26 | Home, Sweet Home

Vipo and friends return home for Vipo's birthday. That morning, Vipo wakes up: he opens his eyes, and jumps out of bed, stretches, and starts looking around for Betty and Henry. But, nobody is there! He only finds a note from his parents, saying that they are gone for a few hours and will be back later. Vipo is very disappointed. Did everyone forget his birthday? Betty, Henry and Vipo's parents are busy outside of Vipo's school wrapping presents and hanging lights and banners for Vipo's birthday. They are very excited and have a great plan to get Vipo there and give him a surprise party. Every one of Vipo's friends from around the world is invited, and Vipo doesn't know about it at all! He is now flying to the top of the church, where Henry's parents' nest is situated -- but there's nobody there as well.

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Vipo: Adventures of the Flying Dog